Atomic Coin New Blockchain is launching soon.

we are going to launch new blockchain of Atomic Coin with more fast features.
So, Deposit your Atomic Coin for Swap in Web Wallet before 1/2/2018.

Note: if you not deposit Coin in web wallet for swap before 1/2/2018. Than you will not received new blockchain coins & you are not eligible for swap coins after this.

What we do in New Blockchain

  • Secure Fast Blockchain

  • Decentralized Coding

  • Attractive & Smart Wallets

What is Atomic Coin ?

Classic financial economy is self-living market with its own rules. Many rules of conventional economics can be easily overcome with using crypto.

ATOM is here to bring new perspective to discover new frontiers. Main goal is growing, stable and global decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. This project will not be the new Bitcoin. We are going to be a new strong altcoin.

ATOM is hybrid POW/POS.

Since there is no premine and coins will be distributed fairly. We are looking for active community.

Atomic will not follow ordinary pump and dump process like most of new coins these days.
Every coin have it´s own Metcalf´s law.  Most important value in this law is time.
Network is growing only with new users.

ATOM will be submitted to every exchange + every possible crypto service to bring new users.

ATOM is longterm project. (Growth needs time)

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